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Over the years Jackie has met some great people and even more amazing dogs. Here is what they have to say about Specialist Dog Training

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A Testimonial video from our clients on what changes they have seen in their dogs since beginning dog training with Specialist Dog Training.

TJ – First Paws In Puppy Training

We can’t thank Jackie enough for her help settling TJ, our German Shepherd pup, into our family. She has been amazing rebalancing feeling of being overwhelmed and worried about being excited and proud.

We have just completed TJ’s Puppy’s Home-Start Training course, from 10 weeks before we could even take him out.  Over the 6 weeks all the basics including toilet training, sit, down, come, wait and leave were shown with easy to follow instructions giving us instant results; at home as well as later outside in public areas.  Jackie didn’t just cover training she also offered invaluable advice on how to find the best food/treats and what essential equipment may be needed, and no question was considered too silly.

I’m sure even if someone wasn’t a first-time puppy family, like us, they would benefit from Jackie’s expertise.  We’re now looking forward to attending the next course of training and continuing this exciting new journey.

The Verbiest Family
Northfleet, Kent

Louie and Maisie – Agility

“We are the proud owners of two very lively Parson Russell Terriers called Louie and Maisie, aged 5 & 4 respectively, and when the opportunity to enrol them on Jackie’s dog agility course came along we jumped at the chance and it has not disappointed. The course is well structured, with all the apparatus you could wish for a variety of well thought out obstacles that challenge both us and our dogs, who have gone from being complete novices to dogs who are engaged and listening to us as we go around the course.
We are currently halfway through a twenty-week training course attending Jackie’s facility at her home field for an hour every week and we very much look forward to our training sessions with our new friends both canine and human.

If you are a dog owner looking for a fun and stimulating challenge for both you and your dog, we can thoroughly recommend Jackie’s dog agility course.”

Rusty – Agility Course

We have been involved with Specialist Dog Training for three years now, training or dog to be well behaved and socialised. I wanted our time together to be more rewarding for both of us. I enrolled us on 20-week agility class. We are just over halfway through and my relationship with my dog has gone from strength to strength. Rusty absolutely loves going around the course, he actively listens to me and looks to me for guidance. All of our walks are more fun, we do more off-lead activities and look for obstacles to jump over or run through. I thought I had signed up to a once a week activity but it has become everyday fun. Rusty would rather be at the park interacting with us than running around with the other dogs there. I cannot recommend this course enough. It has definitely helped strengthen our relationship.
Julie, Ray and Rusty

Billy – Agility Course

My dog Billy and I are currently attending weekly Practical Dog Agility classes at Specialist Dog Training in Sittingbourne in Kent.   I cannot recommend this course or our instructor, Jackie Murphy, highly enough.  Jackie is a highly experienced, enthusiastic and engaging teacher who ensures that training is a relaxed and fun experience for both the dogs and handlers.  Agility is a real team game where the dog and its owner are communicating with each other all the time, it has enhanced our bond and is just fantastic fun.  All the class members encourage each other and all of the dogs and handlers have improved tremendously.  This is a great safe environment for dogs and owners to learn new skills.  We are now looking forward to the next course.

Bertie – Agility Course

This is our first agility course with Jackie at Specialist Dog Training and we have not only enjoyed each class, but Bertie has excelled in the field of dog agility.  In fact, it has helped with his overall training and behaviour.  Bertie and I would highly recommend Jackie’s agility course.
We will be signing up again!
Carol and Bertie

Pamela Purnell

The success of any dog depends on the skills of a good dog trainer. A trainer who has people skills as well as dog training skills, a knowledgeable trainer who has a good solid background in dog behaviour. And is also a dog lover first and foremost. This sums up Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training.

Tracy and Monty – Field Rent

My Border Terrier Monty loves Jackie’s field. It is a safe, secure place for him to run around with his football and have a full 50 minutes of ‘Terrier time’. It is in a peaceful area and surrounded by trees. It is completely secure so there is no chance of escape. The biggest bonus for Monty is that he is not bothered by other dogs interfering with his game, it gives me peace of mind knowing that he can be completely free off the lead and enjoy his game. I highly recommend using Jackie’s field for a safe, wide -open space for a dog to run around and have fun.

Flynn – Obedience

Thank you so much for the training sessions, not only have you shown and helped me to understand how my behaviour and training towards my dog should be but for the calm, friendly, professional  and understanding way you have done it. Thank you for going the extra mile in all ways. I feel confident now to go forward with training my dog. I am positive that I will have,  not only a loyal, faithfully and beautiful dog but an obedient and reliable companion.

I will keep up the training and keep in touch with progress.

Farley – Aggression

Jackie has helped us immensely with Farley’s pet aggression. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jackie to help Farley with this. As a kitten he was aggressive and unpredictable. Biting my legs and attacking guests. We have seen a massive improvement already. Thank you really doesn’t seem enough. Don’t know what we would have done without you! Thank you so much.
Would highly recommend.

Franklin – Fear

Jackie’s helped us enormously in understanding Franklin’s fearful behaviour and how best to help him overcome his anxieties – she’s been a godsend to us having found ourselves really stuck on how to deal with his issues.  Her approach, understanding and training programme have proved invaluable, not least for Franklin who’s life has improved so much just in the past few months we’ve been working together. We cannot express how grateful we are and knowing that we can contact Jackie whenever we need to and she’ll always make time for us is the support and reassurance that we’ve been seeking for a long time.  We’re now on an upward spiral rather than a downward one and it’s such a joy to see Franklin getting happier, little by little, with the big, bad world! A huge thank you from us all!